Computational and Data Intensive Physics Group Team Members

Current Group Members

Helmut G. Katzgraber
Dr. Katja Biswas
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Dilina Perera
Postdoctoral Researcher
Amin Barzegar
Graduate Student
Chao Fang
Graduate Student
Darryl Cherian Jacob
Undergraduate Student (Engineering)

Post-doctoral Alumni

Bjoern Ahrens (now at Deutsche Bank)
Juan Carlos Andresen (now Gustafsson Fellow at KTH, Sweden)
Ruben Andrist (Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, now at Google Inc.)
Oliver Melchert (now staff member at the Max Planck Institute, Hannover)
Creighton K. Thomas (postdoc at Northwestern University, now at Google Inc.)
Wenlong Wang (now postdoc at KTH, Sweeden)
Zheng Zhu (now VP of Financial Mathematics at Alkanza)

Graduate Alumni

Juan Carlos Andresen (PhD 2013 ETH Zurich, Gustavsson Fellow at KTH)
Ruben Andrist (PhD 2012 ETH Zurich, Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, now at Google Inc.)
Wanyok Atisattapong (now instructor in Thailand)
Jeff Chancellor (PhD 2018 Texas A&M University, now Assistant Professor at LSU)
Gregory Hodges (vanished from the face of the earth one day)
Richard Lawrence (now graduate student at Texas A&M University)
Ross McDonald (now developer at Frogslayer)
Andrew Ochoa (PhD 2017 Texas A&M University, now physicist at Strangeworks)
Brigitte Surer (now high-school teacher in Switzerland)
Jianping Xiao (non-thesis MS 2011 Texas A&M University, now postdoc at University of Michigan)
Zheng Zhu (PhD 2015 Texas A&M University, postdoc at Texas A&M University)

Undergraduate Alumni

Roman Affolter (master thesis 2009 ETH Zurich)
Inimfom Akpabio (graduated 2019 Texas A&M University, now developer at Dell)
Ruben Andrist (diploma thesis 2008 ETH Zurich, PhD 2012 ETH Zurich)
Will C. Buck (graduated 2010 Texas A&M University, MS 2012 Rice University, now at Applied Nanofluorescence)
Aniello Esposito (diploma thesis 2004 ETH Zurich, PhD 2010 ETH Zurich Electrical Engineering Department)
Olivier Gygi (diploma thesis 2005 ETH Zurich, now independent photographer)
Klaus Jaeger (diploma thesis 2007 ETH Zurich, PhD 2012 TU Delft, now research scientists at HyET Solar NL)
Humberto Munoz-Bauza (bachelor degree 2017 Texas A&M University, now graduate student at USC)
David Murer (bachelor thesis 2007 ETH Zurich, MS 2009 ETH Zurich)
Christopher Pattison (graduated 2019 Texas A&M University, now grad student at Caltech
Brigitte Surer (diploma thesis 2007 ETH Zurich, PhD 2011 ETH Zurich, now high-school teacher in Switzerland)